Kindergarteners celebrate the monthly concept at our Groovy Gala! These cool cats did a great job exhibiting working hard! Congratulations!
almost 3 years ago, Whitney Bramblett
Kindergarten students of the month!
In Art Club 7th/8th get to participate in self guided projects. Here are some finished or nearly finished student works!
almost 3 years ago, Allison Webb
7th Grade Hailey, creating a whimsical painting.
7th Grade Taylor, a new paint job for a phone cover.
7th grade Lily, using a grid to enlarge an image.
Thank you to all the volunteers that came to help set-up. See you tonight at 6pm for the Sock Hop!
almost 3 years ago, Ms. Kientz
Setting up float station
Filling up popcorn bags
Making a balloon tower
Setting up for Sock Hop
3rd Grade's Family Friday was out of this world! With help from parents, students were able to build scaled versions of our solar system.
almost 3 years ago, 3rd Grade
Making sure the planets are the perfect size!
Awesome Model!
At the elementary assembly today we celebrated students and they showcased their learning! Booster Club awarded our top cookie dough sales winners with prizes and certificates.
almost 3 years ago, Ms. Kientz
Students at the assembly
Students at the assembly
Student being recognized for achievements
Students watching a video of students showcasing their learning.
Beautiful student artwork decorating our hallways
almost 3 years ago, Jessica Lucas
Kindergarten self portraits
Kindergarten self portraits adorn the hallways
Lolo’s spelling bee top four! Congrats to Rori, Dominic, Memphis, Lainey.
almost 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Four finalists!
Lolo middle school students get ready for the 2020 Spelling Bee. Congrats to the brave contestants. Thanks to coordinator Mrs. Johnson and judges Abby Finlay and Ann Updike.
almost 3 years ago, Dale Olinger
Instructions before the bee.
Questions and instructions before the Bee.
Mr. Olinger and Deputy Terrill stopped by to learn some dance moves with our 7th & 8th graders.
almost 3 years ago, Melissa Johnson
Mr. Olinger and Deputy Terrill break it down with the 7th & 8th graders.
These 2nd Graders pulled off a fantastic surprise celebration to kick off Chinese New Year for Mrs. Iris. They decorated with traditional Chinese symbols such as fans, Chinese writing, lanterns, ate a family-style feast, which is a tradition during this holiday, and shared many laughs with their amazing paraprofessional and classmates.
almost 3 years ago, Ms. Hilliard
Ready to feast
Family style
Happy New Year
Another successful Math Night! 3rd Graders became superheros as they solved math clues, found hidden monsters, and untimately saved the school!
almost 3 years ago, 3rd Grade
Wrighting down important Clues
Solving Clues
Superhero Math Detectives
What Clues will these superheroes find next?
Pizza with the Principal Day Congratulations to these lucky Blue Ticket winners!
almost 3 years ago, Ms. Kientz
Students eating pizza with Ms. Kientz.
Ms. Kientz eating pizza with students
2nd Graders enjoying special weekly guests for reading buddies during Flashlight Friday.
almost 3 years ago, Ms. Hilliard
Reading with her Papa.
Reading Mrs. kientz
7th Grade incorporating 2 Point perspective and landscape paintings to create a contemporary piece of art!
almost 3 years ago, Allison Webb
Artwork by Violet
Artwork by Bailee
Artwork by Savannah
Artwork by Josie
6th graders apply their understanding of reliable sources by using a ‘Credibility Checklist’ to evaluate a plethora of websites.
almost 3 years ago, Lizabeth Ensz
Evaluating a website about a ‘Tree Octopus.’
5th graders working hard to learn all there is to know about decimals!
almost 3 years ago, Abby Finlay
5th graders working hard learning all there is to know about decimals!
Madalyn Biggs working on Veteran's Documentary for Jack Babon.
almost 3 years ago, Writerdude
Madalyn working on the documentary.
7th and 8th Grade Friday Writing in ELA and SS: An art and writing friendly competition.
almost 3 years ago, Writerdude
Pure Artwork
Art and Writing
Pure Artwork
Black and White Artwork
In 2nd Grade Art we have been working on our observational drawing and creating realism with value! Here are some cows from Ms. Vance’s class showing the students’ amazing skills!
almost 3 years ago, Allison Webb
Viera 2nd Grade Ms. Vance
Averie Ms. Vance 2nd Grade
Dylan’s Ms. Vance 2nd Grade
Braeden Ms. Vance 2nd Grade
8th grade learning with Dr. Yopp
almost 3 years ago, Kari Lodge
8th Math