Second graders would agree that a scavenger hunt always adds a little extra fun to learning! (Especially when it comes to identifying singular and plural possessive nouns!)
about 1 hour ago, Tami Meinhold
Scavenger hunt
scavenger hunt
scavenger hunt
Wishing everyone a restful day in the company of family and friends.
6 days ago, Lolo School District
happy thanksgiving image
Kindergarten students were tasked with the challenge of designing a table with a large enough surface area to hold a feast!
8 days ago, Megan Huleatt
Holiday Concerts!
13 days ago, Sage Gustafson
Holiday Concert Information
Mrs. Davis’s German Club made hats for 2nd graders and then taught them a song about their hats in German.
13 days ago, Ms. Hilliard
Smiles and Hats
We Look Good
Sibling Love
A classic egg drop experiment to explore physics and engineering. 19 eggs took the plunge and 16 survived! Thanks to Mr. Martin for arranging this.
14 days ago, Lolo School District
egg drop 1
egg drop 2
egg drop 3
3rd and 6th had a blast at the girz game and a few lucky students won golden tickets and got to play Shaq says at half time!
15 days ago, Ashley Yuhas
Lolo 6th grade and 3rd grade go to a Lady Griz basketball game
15 days ago, Ms. Lucas
Lady Griz
Lolo School 6th grade and 3rd grade attending a Lady Griz game
NOTICE! Despite our best effort and intentions to proceed, road conditions and school site conditions aren't great right now. As such we are cancelling all conferences tonight, 11/9. We emphasize staff safety and that of your family in making this decision. So far as we can tell, staff will be available tomorrow evening, 11/10, for in-person conferences. There are still many openings available for tomorrow if you can make it work. Please sign up using this link:
21 days ago, Lolo School District
Sixth graders participate in a discussion with SRO Terrill about internet/cyber safety.
22 days ago, Ms. Lucas
Officer Terrill gives sixth graders a presentation on internet/cyber safety
Officer Terrill gives sixth graders a presentation on internet/cyber safety
Eighth graders built creative “alarms” to show their understanding of electric current and circuits.
22 days ago, Melissa Johnson
This device spins in the water when anyone enters the area.
This anti-theft device lights up when someone steals the pita bread.
Part of the fifth grade went and participated in the 5th Grade Art Experience today! The other half will go November 1st. We loved visiting the Missoula Art Museum, library, and carousel!
about 1 month ago, Lolo Middle School
field trip
field trip
field trip
field trip
2nd Graders experiment with different ways to talk about books in a less traditional “book talk” format which allowed for more freedom and individualized expression. From practicing dance moves (Floss Like a Boss) to groups of students exploring an entire series (Dragon Masters) together.
about 1 month ago, Ms. Hilliard
8th graders participated in an Apple Cookoff. They created pies, cheesecakes, crumbles, cinnamon rolls, and more! The competition was fierce, but only one pair of winners was announced. Go Lynx!
about 1 month ago, Dakota Long
Delicious Cinnamon Rolls
Too many baked goods to count!
First dance for a long while! 6-8th grade students come join in on the fun Friday evening from 7-9 in the lower gym.
about 1 month ago, Kerrie Schneiter
dance flyer
Sixth grade students perform interactive dramatizations to portray what daily life was like for Egyptians based on their social class
about 1 month ago, Jacquline Marshall
Government officials hosting a banquet
Peasants doing work in the fields
Priests wrapping up a mummy
Priests performing a ceremony
Attention Lolo School 8th grade families! Please tell us if you’re interested in sending your student on the Close Up experience in May 2023. No obligation now, we’re just gathering names at this point. Click or copy the link below:
about 2 months ago, Dale Olinger
close up notice
2nd graders enjoying autumn weather while sharing their mathematical thinking.
about 2 months ago, Tami Meinhold
2nd Grade
Thanks Missoula Rural Fire District #5 for showing your engine to Kindergartners today! We had a great time on this beautiful fall day!
about 2 months ago, Whitney Bramblett
Kids listen to firefighters
kinder teachers
Kids listen to firefighters
Kids listen to firefighters
6th grade working together to solve math problems.
about 2 months ago, Ms. Lucas
Math rocks!
Hard working sixth graders
Matagicians at work
Working through math problems