Old School Photos and Fun from Elementary School Teachers https://youtu.be/SX1NxnCf4bU
7 months ago, Ms. Kientz
We miss you first graders!
7 months ago, Megan Olson
I was able to get in on a 5th grade Zoom meeting today to celebrate a birthday and play some BINGO! Thanks for letting me join in the fun Mrs. Finlay!
7 months ago, Kerrie Schneiter
Zoom meeting
Love our food service staff! Thousands of meals served at Lolo School in the past few weeks. M-F 10am-1pm, 18 and younger. #ThankAHungerHero #WearOrangeWednesday
7 months ago, Dale Olinger
Serving, no matter what weather we get.
Wearing orange.
A recap of packet pick up at Lolo School yesterday in case you missed it. Great to see students and staff. We miss you all! https://youtu.be/K3F4dN2kl-w
7 months ago, Kerrie Schneiter
Spirit Week Recap Video https://youtu.be/9hS3BJF0_Eo
7 months ago, Lolo School District
Thank you to one of my students for making this great mask for me! Hope to see those of you that are picking up packets today from 12-4. Be safe. Mrs. Schneiter
7 months ago, Kerrie Schneiter
Mrs. Schneiter in a mask
2nd Graders and teachers coming together to celebrate birthdays while distance learning.
8 months ago, Ms. Hilliard
Honoring our Sports Teams-Thank you! Jersey Day for spirit week.
8 months ago, Lolo School District
Dress up for Jersey Day
In Honor of School Staff and Everything They Do! Spirit Week dress up in school colors day.
8 months ago, Lolo School District
Students/Staff Dressing up for spirit day
In Honor of our Hair Stylists-Thank you! Dressing up for our second spirit day!
8 months ago, Lolo School District
Students/Staff Dressing up for spirit day
More super hero pictures!
8 months ago, Lolo School District
Super hero picture
Super hero picture
Thank you to our Hometown Heroes! Super Hero Spirit Day
8 months ago, Lolo School District
Pictures of dress up day.
Check out the Middle School Staff Old School Photo challenge. Thank you Ms. Updike for putting this together! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5o3eTgr8kc
8 months ago, Kerrie Schneiter
K-8 Virtual Spirit Week
8 months ago, Lolo School District
List of Activities for Virtual Spirit Week
More staff and students showing their school spirit. Way to get through your first week of distance learning. Keep up the great work students and staff! We can do this!
8 months ago, Kerrie Schneiter
Thaddeus tasakos
Vasiliki Tasakos
Ms. updike
Distant learning... We miss you!
8 months ago, Jody Manniello
Enjoying our daily read aloud...
It's important to establish a routine...join the pledge every morning!
Missing you! 💜 Ms. Byrnes
8 months ago, Michelle Byrnes
Lolo School recognizes how much money teachers spend for their classrooms. To provide some relief, we give each teacher a $200 budget to buy supplies that wouldn't otherwise be included in annual purchasing. Just look at what these thrifty spenders are able to do with the money!
8 months ago, Dale Olinger
Big stack of boxes- teacher purchases
We have good news! The Silverwood Read 2 Ride program is now back on! After discovering that they would miss all Montana schools, the Silverwood team came up with a solution. Rather than submit student names as previously required, we are now allowed to use a parent’s name on behalf of the child when entering data into their database. Silverwood is keeping to their original due dates and so you need to turn in your reading log (via email, or picture) to your classroom teacher as soon as your child has 10 hours of reading logged or at the latest by April 27th. They will not accept any late entry so please don't forget to submit. In case you disposed of the previous recording sheet, we have another one available at the link below. Keep on reading! Team Lolo https://shorturl.at/fsDTW
8 months ago, Lolo School District 7