Photo of mural on current Lolo School

Lolo, MT- Lolo School District announces the sale of the +/- 30 acre property along Highway 93. The sale closed on June 15, 2022.  Sale price was $4.1M, and the proceeds will remain in escrow while the final Title details are ironed out. The school will begin to lease the property until it moves into the new building. The new building is presently under construction with a target completion date of September 2023.  The Lolo Community approved the sale of the property in September 2020, alongside a measure that approved the sale of $22.1M in bonds to construct a new building. 

The buyer has not provided a firm plan for the property but will likely begin to develop one now that the sale is complete. The purchasing company, MCG Vines, LLC, is a subsidiary of a larger company with lots of development experience. The school has no influence over the development plans.